Gramas For Extra Glass DCG-SO03 SONY ?7RII


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"Not good at put the LCD protective film!" ... I want to recommend what to such customers, LCD protective glass of this Glamorous! Bubble does not enter at all. It is peeled off from the sheet, just put on the LCD screen! Just so, Kyu' and glass for us arbitrarily stuck to the liquid crystal. (Bubble does not enter, please note only there because it is difficult to remove the dust would contain) And this Glamorous, not only is easy to stick. Easily than wipe off the dirt attached to the normal LCD screen, you can wipe off quickly clean dirt! After stuck of care is also a Rakuchin, shooting will also be more fun ? Kore get lost in the item that you want to protect the liquid crystal! Is a gem that can be recommended with confidence. Extra Glass and is a product that "GRAMAS" is to optimize the cultivated protective glass in the smartphone technology silver one Co., Ltd. under the supervision of the original, to high-end digital cameras and video equipment. Rather than a glass of only protects the only LCD, is a glass obtained by adding (Extra) a variety of functions As you can use your camera and video equipment more convenient. It has adopted a tempered glass surface hardness 9H specification of the strongest class. Wear, excellent impact performance, to prevent scratches, such as when the camera back out and maintain a clear screen. Such as a fingerprint by the anti-fouling coating is easy to wipe unlikely to adhere. Because of the special coating of colorless and transparent, to accept representation of the liquid crystal original color. The packing of the glass body is affixed to the acrylic board rather than a release film. It reduces the drying of the glue due to peeling of the warp and the film during transport by pasting into hard acrylic.
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