Leica MA (Typ127) black chrome


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Indeed, the origin regression. It appeared on the milestone of Leica birth centenary, full mechanical film camera. From the nature that even exposure meter is not mounted, but is also likely it is often a professional for, is a model that can be recommended for those who want to learn film photography from scratch. "Black chrome plating" specification, increasing the dull shine enough to wear, small scratches are engraved as history. Also in combination with "M monochrome" leather bonded with the top cover of the non-engraved are common, excellent compatibility! Symbolize that go back to the essence of photography, is a true mechanical rangefinder camera. Without resorting to monitor and metering systems and battery, you can explore the world of all-new creation. In addition, that without being distracted, to determine the focal length and composition, set the aperture and shutter speed, that releasing the shutter to the decisive moment, to focus only on the nature of photography in a variety of functions and settings I can. ? This is the body a single commodity. Please purchase separately since the lens is sold separately.
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Manufacturer Leica
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