Leica MP (Typ240) Silver chrome


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Handling floor moth "Mapcamera.com" Roh case tooth net mail order only de Roh selling door will masu. In the case of handling the floor is "Mapcamera ? F" will be sold in the common net over-the-counter. ? comments from the inspection staff This sensor cleaning, each part inspection completed by [Recommended point] Leica camera Japan. Peace of mind to you can use. [Appearance] [surekizu] on the bottom, there are some thread to the top. [Functional surface-operation Each unit behavior is good. Without any problem you can use. [Other] does not have a TAN number (software download of password) developing software at the time of a new purchase offer is not can use it. Even without the software you can enjoy plenty of photography, a case where I am looking forward to more great in the fulfilling create works by the developing and editing, we recommend the purchase of additional development software.
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Manufacturer Leica
Rank C

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