Leica S2-P Black


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In the case of handling the floor is "Mapcamera.com" will be sold only on the net mail order. In the case of handling the floor is "Mapcamera ? F" will be sold in a common net over-the-counter. ? Comments from inspection staff [Appearance] appearance, attrition on the rear LCD monitor, but it is not as noticeable. [Functional surface-operation] is the various parts work well. You can use comfortably. [Other] You can use it with confidence because it is already sensor exchange by the manufacturer. Since there is no TAN number (software download of password) developing software at the time of a new purchase offer is not can use it. Even without software you can enjoy plenty of photography, a case where I am looking forward to more great at fulfilling work making by the developing and editing, we recommend the purchase of additional development software.
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Manufacturer Leica
Rank B

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