Sigma Sd Quattro & Art 30 mm F1.4 DC HSM Lens Kit


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Sigma's First interchangeable lens mirrorless single-lens "sd Quattro" appeared !! When this camera has been announced, it will be surely has been done to the impact of the appearance. And then is published price, you'll be surprised also to the reasonable is! The lens kit is also quite reasonable. Than buying a single unit each, you can buy to how approximately 10,000 yen deals! (? The price is the 2016 July 2, the current price.) If there is this "sd Quattro & A 30mm F1.4 DC HSM kit", even those who do not have a Sigma SA mount lenses You can taste the overwhelming depiction force to produce that day Sigma camera immediately from which I bought !! Owners of the sigma of the lens, even those that do not. Please try to taste all means the sigma of the world! SIGMA A 30mm F1.4 DC with HSM The basic idea in the product development of the SIGMA. It is, to continue to question the essence performance that can pursue the "best one". Overwhelming sense of resolution, rich gradation and color, Foveon sensor with a solid entity feeling is there that symbolizes the concept. Is described as such as "At that time I felt the temperature and humidity, smell to be able to reproduce", a unique image quality. sd series is the only one of the camera to achieve the construction of this "Foveon image quality" was the core "system". As interchangeable-lens camera to respect the full representation desire of hand takes, a main bundling the new high-performance lens line of SIGMA, opens the possibility to increase the photo freedom of expression and accuracy. "Photograph is determined by the lens" was to form our belief that, of another, a new "camera for the artist." All, please make sure in your own eye and hand. dp Quattro series first is mounted on, equipped with a new generation Foveon sensor "Quattro," which has been polished representation performance with a high sense of resolution. While APS-C size, as it is the ability to realize the tremendous quality of 39 million pixels, optimize the image processing efficiency, such as file size and write speed. To optimize the balance between necessary function appropriate to a full-fledged interchangeable-lens camera, is the new standard for high-end camera. Please purchase separately because the media is sold separately ?. ? In our SIGMA sd Quattro, SA mount lens there is a constraint on the operation of the AF is Thank part. Over there in the following specification the AF operating state list of check, thank you for consideration of the interchangeable lens purchase.
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